Baby Shower Planning List

We believe everyone deserves to be appreciated, and especially someone who does as important a task as carrying a baby.

To help you plan the perfect baby shower, we offer free to-do list, ideas with toys, diaper cake recipe, a lot of DIY (tableware, table cards, napkin board etc) and inspiration for baby showers.

Planning list for baby shower

Organizing a baby shower is often something that makes for a good friend, for a sister or another close family member, and can be very overwhelming and frustrating if you don’t know what to do.

We have set up a list of things that should be reflected around when you are going to have a baby shower.

Create a guest list for the baby shower.

It’s not easy to guess who should be in a baby shower.

Often, you can find ideas of your participants from different social networks, and it is recommended to ask the pregnant or her partner who they want to invite.

Many invite only the friends and the people in the close circles, while others also include family members.

Find a day to suit the baby shower

Skip the family holidays or national holidays when people often go on vacations, that way you can almost make sure that everyone can make it to the party.

If possible, avoid baby shower until the last weeks before the end of the season.

The chance that the expectant mother has had some months of pregnancy when she’s physically adjusted to being pregnant, and very likely already has gotten tired of the end of pregnancy. It is usually in the months 6-8 a baby shower is held. Saturdays and Sundays are common. Some have a nice lunch, others a whole evening, do what suits you.

Decide what you do with the cost of the baby shower.

Decide how you want to handle costs. There are very different practices here! There are three common categories:

Whoever keeps the baby shower pays the most.

Everyone takes something to the baby shower (the costs are a little distributed).

Everyone pays an amount to the person who arranges it (Usually around $50-100).

Find a place to hold the party

One obviously needs a seat to have the baby shower. Some suggestions here:

  • Your or one of the guest’s houses.
  • At home with the pregnant.
  • At a restaurant.
  • Are there any suitable rental facilities nearby?

Create a Facebook group or mailing list for the participants of the baby shower

If all the guests are on Facebook, creating a closed Facebook group or a closed event on Facebook is an easy way to reach anyone with information.

It’s an easy way for you to come up with updates, and that the threshold for getting on Facebook is usually lower than sending an email.

 Contact guests

Contact everyone early on and ask them to put off the day you intend to have the baby shower on. (Contact guests either on Facebook event, by phone or email).

(Here are the instructions on how to create event )

If you want to get the guests involved, you can hear the other guests if they have any ideas. The other guests will often like to get involved in the planning.

If you choose to involve the other guests, it can be fun to arrange a planning meeting where everyone comes with ideas and input.

If everything is ready at an early stage, it’s just ok to come up with all the information right away, but if not, just make updates.

Things that should be informed at some point before the baby shower is:

  • Name of the pregnant, name of the hostess, date, clock delete, place
  • name of the hostess, date, time, place and explanation of how to get there
  • phone number of the hostess,
  • Things the guests should bring (Gifts)
  • Any amount and payment information.

Find games for the baby shower.

See the “baby shower games” page for suggestions on different games you can play with guests.

Plan food and drink for the baby shower.

It’s more common to just have a cake, but it depends entirely on the arrangement you want. If the party takes place at the restaurants then this step is pretty much taken care of.

If you however decide to have the party elsewhere, and catering service might be required. Again, this all depends on you and your budget.

Do what you want, but remember that by adding food, the baby shower will last longer and it will cost more.

Drinks should be included, of course, talk about alcohol-free drinks! Mineral water, coffee and tea. Or if you feel creative, you can create some special alcohol-free punch or mocktails.

Plan cakes for the baby shower

Everyone loves cakes! And for this occasion, cute-looking, baby theme-focused cakes are even better.

It is always difficult to calculate how big or how much the cakes you should have, but 5-7 people per cake are a definite measure. Remember to have coffee/tea for the cakes.

Tip! Decorate the cakes with baby cakes, nicely decorated cakes are very decorative. Are you concerned about not having enough cakes, make an ice cream and have in the freezer. If you’re running out of the cake, the ice cake can be picked up and ready for serving.

Plan the decor, table and chairs for the baby shower

The decoration does not necessarily have to be baby shower stuff, but decorate in the right color (eg pink if it is a girl or light blue for boys). You can use balloons, napkins and decorations for the table.

Tip!  Decide on a color-based theme. Some online stores have already assembled large packages containing cups, ashes, napkins, cloths and decorations. These may cost a little, but then one does not have to think more about it.

Should anyone make a diaper cake? It is often one of the guests who wants to make it and it is very decorative to have on the table. See the “How to make a diaper cake” page for how it can be made.

Remember to calculate seating for everyone, and possibly table if needed.

Remember, the most important thing about the day is to have fun together. Good planning makes it much easier!

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