How Can One Get Pregnant Fast | Tips for Those Who are Trying to Conceive

Tip#1 – Have sex often but not everyday

How can one get pregnant fast? The simplest is often the best also when it comes to fertilization. Do you have unprotected sex often? This surely increases the chance of success. There are statistics showing that 7 out of 10 couples get pregnant within three months if they have sex every other day.

Couples who only have intercourse once a week have significantly worse odds – of these couples only succeeding between 1 and 2 out of 10 at the same time.

However, some experts say that it is good if the man “saves” his grain to have sex at the most favorable time. This in order to avoid the man “shooting loose shot” and all the best swimmers are over before ovulation.

It takes 72 hours to produce a sperm cell. But if you have sex very often the sperm counts might be less.

The male testosterone level is highest in the morning, so morning sex may be a good tip?

Tip#2 –  Select the correct position

Many believe that the missionary position is the one to raise children. And often you get well in that position. But in fact it is not certain that it is most favorable when trying to know how can one get pregnant fast. The keywords are deep penetration. Then the sperm cells get easier and faster until the target. Therefore, just try it out – preferably from behind or missionary position.

It may be an advantage if he stays inside her until the penis is flaccid to prevent the sperm from flowing out. In addition, the environment in the vagina is a bit acidic and can break down on a number of sperm cells before reaching the target.

Some also put a pillow or the like under the buttock to allow the weight stroke to help the sperm in the right direction up the ovary. In any case, it can not be hurt. It is also good to pee after intercourse – to avoid infections.

how can one get pregnant fast

Tip#3 – Check the lubricant

If you are using lubricants, check that it does not contain spermicides. If you wonder how can one get pregnant fast then skip it completely. It can inhibit the mobility of sperm cells.

Otherwise, use the fertility-friendly lubricant – Pre-seed is the best in my opinion –

Tip#4 – Think about the sperm quality

The testicles hang on the outside of the man’s body for a reason – to avoid getting too hot. Seed cells feel better at a slightly lower temperature than the rest of the body. Tearing underwear may cause the testicles to become too hot, which may exceed the sperm quality. This is important if you like to know how can one get pregnant fast/ Choose a rather wide boxer shorts – at least during the period you try.

Other things that can make the testicles too hot are to lie in a bath, bounce, have your mobile in your pocket or your computer in your knee. The use of heat in the car seat is also not recommended.

Nicotine, alcohol, some foods and chemicals can also affect sperm quality. Therefore, it is good to cut as much as possible on it.

Tip#5 – How can one get pregnant fast – know your cycle

Your cycling cycle is counted from the first day of the day to the day before the next one begins. An average cycle is 28 days. Mens cycles can be very different long (from 20 to 40 days), so find out how long yours. Some also have irregular cycles that can be difficult to get wise on.

How can one get pregnant fast is something mant people want to know. The first step is to know the length of the cycle can also be changed as we grow older. If you have had birth control pills or have had a hormone coil for a while, you may have had a different cycle length than before you started with that type of contraceptive.

Health, diet, hard training, travel, stress and breastfeeding – all of these can affect your cycle length. It can also be a prior pregnancy.

The body changes during the course of the cycle, and if you get to know your body, you will also be able to separate the different phases from each other and find the period when the chance of fertilization is greatest. Some help with a fertility scheme.

Tip# 6 – Learn the ovulation cycles

Very simple, you only have a chance to succeed every month. It is during ovulation. Therefore, it is crucial to find out when the ovulation happens this one tip will help you answer, how can one get pregnant fast.

A rule of thumb is that ovulation basically occurs 14 days before the next menstrual period.

If you are using a fertility scheme, you will notice that the secretion from the vagina changes and becomes a more transparent and clearly bad in ovulation.

For those of you who measures the body temperature find that it falls by 0.2 to 0.3 degrees 12-24 hours before ovulation. Many also experience that libido increases around ovulation. (Smart Period Tracker Fertility Monitor – Buy it on Amazon – )

You can of course also try the ovulation calculator or ovulation tests. The calculator gives you an overview of your ovulating phase, not just your ovulation date.

If you want to know how can one get pregnant fast then learn this; the swimmers (sperm) can live for several days in the ovary while waiting for ovulation, so it is good to have sex often during the days before ovulation. The egg only lasts for about a day if it is not fertilized, so when ovulation happens,  that means you start to get out of time for this period.

It is important to be aware that the chance of success is only around 25 percent even if you do everything right.

Tip# 7. Orgasm can help

Experts dispute what’s best – that she gets orgasm before, at the same time as or after him. Those who think it’s best if she gets an orgasm first indicates that it increases the amount of cervical secretion, which simplifies the cure of the sperm cells up to the egg.

Should she have an orgasm at the same time as him,  she may have the contractions in the uterus help to pull the sperm cells further in and in the right direction. With that said, orgasm is not a prerequisite for getting pregnant.

Pre-seed fertility-friendly personal lubricant –

Tip# 8. Quit smoking, drink less alcohol, and limit your coffee intake

Both women and men become less fertile if they drink alcohol. So while you try to conceive, it’s good to make sure you drink less. This tip has helped many couples who ask how can one get pregnant fast.

Be extra careful about the time after ovulation – then you may have succeeded and that there is a small one to take into account.

As a woman, you will keep away from alcohol for many months in connection with pregnancy and breastfeeding, so why not start already now? Although many children get into alcohol-induced state, chances are better without.

It is well documented that smoking weakens the fertility of both men and women. So it’s not a good idea if either of you or both will continue with smoking when you try to become parents. Remember, all tobacco products contains nicotine.

To quit smoking is also the best gift you can give your child.

Coffee in larger amounts can both make the woman less fertile and the sperm quality of the man worsens. Maybe now, it’s time to switch to caffeine-free coffee or tea?

Keep in mind that some types of chocolate and soda can also contain caffeine. If you can avoid it, your chances are increasing!

Tip# 9 – Keep an eye out for certain medicines

Did you know that some prescription medicines like Ipren and Naproxen can inhibit ovulation? They are proven to even lead to early miscarriage if you have become pregnant.

In general, you should be careful about the medicines you are taking while trying to conceive. Ask your pharmacist for advice, seek medical advice or consult your doctor before taking anything.

Important if you want to know how can one get pregnant fast… if you are using medicines, never stop them without consulting your doctor. Some medicines may make it more difficult to get pregnant, and sometimes it may be necessary to reduce the dose or switch to another variety. Talk to your doctor!

Tip# 10 – Eat food that increases fertility

With a healthy and varied diet, you will come a long way. But if you want to help the body with a little extra, there are some kinds of food and drinks that can be particularly beneficial. Almonds, nuts, cereal products, beans and oily fish contain all vitamin E, which should be good for sperm quality.

Vitamin C strengthens the body’s immune system, which is beneficial for conception. If the immune system is busy fighting disease, the body often de-prioritizes pregnancy. You will find plenty of vitamin C in kiwi, oranges, rose hips, and red peppers.

Zinc is also good for sperm quality and is found in walnuts, cereals, bran and meat.

Liver, fish, green vegetables, citrus fruit and coarse cereal products contain important doses of vitamin B, and are good for both her and his fertility. Follow this advice on how can one get pregnant fast. And take fish liver oil! Omega 3 fatty acids are good both for you and for the child’s start of life. Please continue to take it – the longer the better!

Tip#11 – Remember folic acid!

In order to get all the vitamins and minerals you need, it’s simply not enough just by a healthy and varied diet.

Folic acid, a type of vitamin B, is one such example. It is also called folate, and is recommended for women who are trying to become pregnant or who are already pregnant.

The best part is to start with a supplement of 0.4 mg folic acid at least three months before a planned pregnancy.

The tablets can be purchased at pharmacies and in some food stores or online. Make sure it is at least 0.4 mg.

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Several types of multivitamins also contain folic acid, but often in too small amounts. You can continue to take these vitamins, but then supplement with your own folic acid tablets. You should never take more multivitamin tablets to get the right dose of folic acid – you can get too much of other vitamins.

Folic acid plays an important role just in the beginning of pregnancy when the neural tube closes and serious malformations may occur, such as spinal cord fractures. A simple tablet every day can reduce the risk significantly!

Even your partner can take advantage of folic acid. It should be good for sperm quality.

7 Must Have Things To Help You Get Pregnant Fast

Pregnancy Test Strips – While this might not help increase the odds, it will help you save money when you get impatient with the results as it costs a fraction of the normal pregnancy test kit.  Buy one on Amazon –

Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant – while it is important to make sure that you (woman) orgasm as some say it increases the cervical lubrication, in reality that’s not always the case. That’s why this fertility-friendly personal lubricant comes into the picture. Buy this one on Amazon –

FairHaven FertiliTea – herbal (chasteberry (vitex) and red raspberry leaf )nutritional support that is flavorful to help female hormonal balance and reproductive health. Buy this on Amazon –

Premama Fertility Reproductive Powdered Drink Supplement – this contains Folic Acid, myo-inositol, This Gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan supplement is recommended by doctors to help promote natural conception. Buy this on Amazon –

Smart Period Tracker Fertility Monitor  – This tool is designed to give accurate ovulation predictions so you know when is the primal 6 days of the month to get intimate to conceive, this is the best buy if you want to know how can one get pregnant fast. It trakcs your body basal temperature and reports it to your smartphone. It can’t get any easier than this. Buy it on Amazon –

Fertility Yoga DVD  – Now you might not have to buy this as you can watch some Youtube videos and try to learn from that. But if you feel like learning the experts and increase your chances of success, I recommend Bend, Breathe, and Conceive: Fertility Yoga with Anna Davis, Ph.D., RYT. Now I don’t want you to buy this and have it sit on your DVD shelf! You have to watch and practice what’s taught and you will see results! –

FertilAid for Men, MotilityBoost, Countboost Bundle  – it takes two to tango and also conceive. This fertility vitamin bundle is for your partner because if you’re already doing what you can and still haven’t conceived, maybe the missing puzzle piece is your partner. –

Tip# – 12. Keep the weight

Obese and underweight often have difficulty getting pregnant. Therefore, it is a clear advantage to be within the range of normal weight. Underweight can get rid of menstruation and / or ovulation, which naturally affects fertility.

It generally takes longer time for overweight to become pregnant, and they also run a greater risk of complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Even overweight men who often ask me how can one get pregnant fast, can get reduced fertility because the body’s oestrogen levels may increase. Thus, both have a clear advantage of being normal when a child is to become a child.

Tip#13 – Reduce stress

Are you already in trouble? If the days go for work, working out, meetings and other duties, energy and spontaneity often go out. A body at high stress may not prioritize a new life to take care of?

If you can cut down on the number of activities, renounce tasks or satisfy yourself with a little less workouts or extreme exercises, chances are you will also have more time with your partner. And it can produce results!

Bend, Breathe, and Conceive: Fertility Yoga with Anna Davis, Ph.D., RYT. –

Tip# 14 –  Go to medical examination

This is something many skip but still wonder how can one get pregnant fast. Are you completely healthy? Are you positive about that?

Only a little too low hormone levels can put sticks in the wheels for fertilization.

An underlying chronic disease can put the immune system in standby and a baby at the bottom of the priority list. When trying to conceive, it may be a good idea to exclude such opportunities in any case.

And your partner might need to do a general checkup at him as well. Two healthy partners have a much better chance of success.

And should something be discovered, maybe it’s easy to fix the chances to get better?

Tip# 15 – Try Alternative Medicine

Have you considered acupuncture, reflexology or homeopathy? Some believe that such methods can help increase the chances of fertilization.

Some such clinics are also specifically aimed at women and men who want children. There is research claiming that it helps, and other research that contradicts it. But it does not hurt to try so why not?

There are also products to buy that are said to have a good effect on fertility – for example, Cream Gel, Wild Yams, Pomegranate, Grapefruit Juice and Non-Alcoholic Cough Medicine.

Tip#16 – Be patient

Everyone who asks; how can one get pregnant fast wants it now but patient is important. Most people who are trying to conceive are very ready for a positive pregnancy test. And most want the results to be positive immediately!

Ideally, no more than one pregnancy test attempt is required.

And you also often hear about those who get pregnant by an accident or on the first try. More often than one hears of those who have tried for a long time.  On average, it takes six months for a couple to conceive.

Previously, it was thought that the couple should have tried for at least 18 months before seeking help. Now the border has been moved to 12 months. Perhaps because the firstborns have grown older and you want less age gap between siblings?

Or maybe the chance becomes less familiar, the older you become. Women over 35 may be advised to seek help already six months after they start trying, simply because the clock’s ticking.

If you can take it easy and do not expect results with the same month, chances are also good that you can do well together and not stress too much but still ask around about how can one get pregnant fast.

Sex at the right time in the cycle is an advantage, but if it becomes too mechanical you can lose your desire and then the result will not necessarily be faster than it would have otherwise.

Tip#17. Find help on time

There are no reliable figures on how many people fail to get pregnant on their own because there are so many factors. But some are talking about 1 in 7 women of childbearing age. The figure is increasing with increasing age, but even young women may have difficulty getting pregnant.

It is recommended that you try for 12 months before seeking medical attention, shorter time if the woman has passed 35 years. It may happen that you would have done it yourself for 18 months, but when it takes a long time, many couples think it’s terribly hard to wait patiently.

The previously mentioned medical examination is good to take even before it’s been a year. Perhaps some problems are discovered that can be done.

But for many, it is up to date after a year’s attempt, and the term used is involuntary infertility. Fortunately, if you wonder how can one get pregnant fast then there are good methods for getting help with fertilization.

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