How to Make Baby Diaper Cake

How to make diaper cake for baby shower?

For many, a diaper cake is a natural part of a baby shower, but how do you actually make a diaper cake? There are many ways below, you will find a step by step instruction manual or you can use the video.

Must a diaper cake be so big? No, it does not need it. You can easily make a diaper cake with one and two floors, but then you have to scale down the recipe. The principles will be the same.

For those who do not want to make their own diaper cake, you can buy a finished diaper cake from our partner. There you will find different types of diapers, but also decorating for those who want to make the diaper cake themselves.


Recipe for diaper cake Before you start, you should get:

  • Two diaper packs in size 1 or 2, less or more depending on how much diaper cake you want to make.
  • Small and large rubber bands, or thread / string you tie around the diapers.
  • Pin / cardboard tube / bottle or other items you can use to have in the middle of the cake (to attach the tile layers to each other).
  • Glue or double-sided tape to attach the cardboard to the disc.
  • Cardboard / barrel to have a bleach cake (it is usually shipped and it makes it much easier to move on it).
  • The decoration you want to decorate the diaper cake with. Usually the silk ribbon is in the desired color, a teddy bear to the top of the cake, and the rest of the cake varies between these things: suits, pants, baby clothes, mini pockets of baby products and flowers.
  • Then you need cellophane to pack the diaper cake with.


1. Buy what you need.

2. Locate cardboard.  You must have the bleach tag on.

3. In the middle of the plate, fasten the dry wool container. You can use glue or double sided tape.

4. Roll together each and every diaper and attach a knit / string around each individual as the picture shows.

5. Start with the bottom layer of the cake. Place one and a rolled diaper into the cardboard until you have the first layer in the desired size. Then take a large rubber band or string around the entire layer to attach them together.

6. Do the same thing on the second and third floor. Remember to make these smaller and smaller so you get stairs on the cake.

7. Cut away the corners of the folder.

8. Now the cake is done and you can start decorating. Take the silk band around each part of the cake as shown in the picture.

9. Decorate with the things you want. The pictures around show that you can use dolls, teddy bears, baby clothes, fake flowers, and more. Find what color you like and embellish with it.

10. Pack the pancake into the cellophane and write a card that you attach to the top.

Good luck!

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