New Born Baby Products – Shopping Tips for New Parents

Nowadays, finding the best new born baby products is easy. There are several retail chains that are completely focused on both pregnant and younger children. Today, the market has changed.

In addition to the tens of thousands of trolleys, there are designed bagpipes for four-digit amounts, diapers that plasticize the diapers and bath tubs reminiscent of the uterus. While it is fun that there is such a wide range, it may be difficult for a prospective parent to know what is really needed.

Many stores have checklists with new born baby products so you knw what is needed. It is important that you, as a consumer, go through the stores’ checklists to see if you really think you need everything that is there. Even if it’s easy to buy everything in one place, it’s easy to compare between different stores.

You also do not have to buy anything new, but you can do well to shop second-hand, thus making both your wallet and the environment a good thing.

How early do you shop?

On the Internet forum for pregnant women, the question is how early to start buying the baby necessities. Some are nervous and do not want to trade anything at all before the baby comes, while others shop immediately.

In general, one can say that there seem to be two limits that most people wait for; week 12 and week 18.

new born baby products

After the twelfth week and the first trimester, the risk of miscarriage significantly decreases. Some think it’s strange to shop so early for new born baby products, as the date of estimated birth is far ahead.

On the other hand, it may seem nice to start shopping a bit, it can be a signal to yourself that you really expect children, and that you will soon become a parent.

Many also wait for the routine ultrasound that is done in week 18. Then you have hopefully seen a very healthy baby and you may even know the sex. And for many dads, ultrasound is the first time they really understand that they will become parents.

Although it may feel long before birth even after the ultrasound, time passes quickly and if you want a special pram or other new born baby products, it may be time to order it.

Unfortunately, pregnancy may go wrong even after week 18, although it is not very common. If this happens, you will in most cases be allowed to return carriage and larger purchases.

New born baby products for child and mommy

Children’s clothing  – There are a number of things that you should bring to the child already at childbirth.

In addition to diapers, this is also clothes for the baby so that he / she can keep warm. Imagine the warmth the child feels inside the stomach, where he or she is completely enclosed. Getting to our world is a cold reality for the child and it is extremely important that the child stays warm (see our checklist for the delivery bag).

Therefore, pack the following new born baby products into your delivery bag and bring to the child:

  • Full body (stumps are tough with small children, so buy clothes with “feet”)
  • Hats – it’s extremely important that the child keeps his head warm
  • Soft blanket – they can borrow blanket on birth but these tend to be hard
  • Thicker clothes to go home in – clothing depends on the season

All of these new born baby products can be found at your local stores or malls .. or online shops

Things to have at home to care for the baby’s hygiene:

  • Diapers
  • Washcloths (not wet wipes at the beginning)
  • Ointment for red and irritated tail
  • Changing mat
  • A pair of baby clothes change (buy baby clothes online)
  • Bath thermometer (water temperature should be 37-38 degrees)
  • Soft towels are important new born baby products
  • Bath Oil

We can also recommend that you have a pair of milk bottles. You never know how well the child is eating from the breast. A child who does not get enough food is not well and the parents get impatient. Breastfeed as much as possible, but if you cannot, the child still needs good food.

Things for the mom

Having just delivered a baby you can be sore in the abdomen and it is therefore nice to have comfortable and loose clothes to wear after delivery. We recommend soft pants and a big t-shirt. Some things you as a new mom should buy in good time are:

There are new born baby products you should have at home and there are things you should have at home. Think about what you actually need so you do not throw out unnecessary money on things you do not use. In the basic package you should have things for both sleep and transport.

Make sure to get these important new born baby products, so bot child and parents can feel safe.

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