Unique Baby Shower Invitations

The original purpose of the baby shower was that women and mothers would gather during a festive event to share thoughts and experiences about maternity. It has today evolved into a similar but more gracious event where female friends, colleagues and relatives upset the future mother with presents and games.

There are many different ways to organize a baby shower. Some like to plan their shower themselves, but the tradition is we ask to hand over the work to someone we trust. In a way, it should be a surprise party but just make sure that the mother of the baby can make it so it shouldn’t be too close to the due date.

Keep in mind, however, that there are not too many people who organize – sometimes there may be too many opinions, and one can forget that the shower is held for the future mother’s sake. It is therefore good to constantly think about what would she want?

What to Think About Before Setting up the Invitations

The most important thing is to first plan a date that will suit as many guests as possible, and above all – the future mother. Plan the shower in close proximity to the date of birth (but not too close to the due date) to avoid any complications that may occur early in pregnancy.

It is often easier for a prospective mother to receive gifts if she feels that her pregnancy has gone far enough.

Once you have chosen the date, it is time to send out the invitation cards. Here we recommend two different options:

1. Online invitation – fast, easy and cheaper.
2. Printed invitation cards sent by post. More expensive but more luxurious.

Here are cute invitation cards for you who are planning a baby shower. With a few quick clicks, you can invite friends and family to the expectant mother with a sweet invitation card!

It’s fast, easy and efficient to send out baby shower invitations by email, it can also be a little easier to collect all participants’ email addresses instead of mailing addresses, if people are not personally aware.

What to mention in the baby shower invitation:

  • Who the baby shower is for. Those you invite to the baby shower may not know you personally, for example, if you mix guests from different parts of the mom’s life, then you do not know who it is to be celebrated.
  • Where the baby shower should be held
  • When it begins (and maybe even a end time to give guests an idea of ​​how extensive the party will be)
  • (please leave both email and phone number)

Also, please mention the invitation if it is offered on food and if only something is easier to bid. Also mention if guests are to bring something.



Here’s a Fancy Baby Trolley Invitation


Here’s a simpler DIY baby shower invitation

Baby shower gifts

  • Changing pad
  • Lining / nipple protection
  • Pacifiers
  • Diaper cake
  • Creams for mother and child
  • Baby monitor
  • Clothes, please choose clothes that you do not have to pull over the head of the baby
  • Fever thermometer
  • Baby bath tub
  • Manicure set for babies
  • Spa experience such as massage to the mother

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